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Here you can always be provided with prompt and high quality translation of documents of any type and complexity, obtain necessary qualified assistance on collection of documents you need for special purposes, find out information about legalization or apostilling procedure, and receive necessary notary services.
We provide high quality services at minimum waste of your time

We are beneficially distinguished from others by

•    Exclusive confidentiality
-    We enter into non-disclosure agreement at customer’s request on services offered;
-    Every employee is entered into an NDA with regard to information available during fulfillment of his/her obligations.

•    Professional approach to translation of documents of any type and complexity
-    We have the best translators with work experience over 5 years;
-    Each translator is of higher education and translator qualification for a definite language, as well as specialist degree and/or working experience in other field of activity (law, economics, engineering, information technologies, etc.).

•    Individual approach
-    We provide you with courier to set up an order and submit corresponding documents, or deliver to you completed translations or other documents;
-    Delivery services are rendered nationwide;
-    Notary visit at customer’s request available.

•    Knowledge of all information and full range of apostilling/legalization services in governmental authorities of Ukraine and Russia, in Embassies/Consular offices of other countries, and obtain necessary documents on customer’s behalf in state bodies

-    Our agents handle your documents and represent your interests on your behalf in the Ministry of Justice, Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine, any other state bodies of Ukraine;
-    We are ready to represent your interests (and we know how do to this) in governmental authorities of Russia, Embassies and Consular offices of other countries on the territory of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

•    Loyal attitude to price policy – flexible systems of discounting, accrual, cash or cashless settlement
-    We work based on principle ‘the more often you use our services, the lesser you pay for them’;
-    Any variations of discounts, individual payments, and accruals are available;
-    We work on a prepayment basis with simultaneous discounting for all our services.

•    Always extremely fast, well performed and with smile on face
-    Customers will, we fulfill;
-    You will be pleased to find out about the quality level and convenience in service rendering